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Lunch in Indian Country ETHICS CLE: When the Government is the “Organizational” Client - The Complexity for Tribal AG Offices

  • 24 Jun 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Live in Tucson, AZ and available via Webcast
Working for a governmental office is more complex than a typical in-house corporate position.  Are confidentiality protections different for a private practitioner vs. corporate counsel vs. government attorney?  Identification of the client is, usually, easier in private practice.  But the broad concept of fiduciary responsibilities can hinge on properly identifying the “client.”  Identifying the "client" and whether the issue involves the “same or substantially related matter” are the key focus points for analyzing a conflict of interest.
Then, to add additional complexity to the analysis, the office must be aware of “imputed” conflicts that follow an attorney from one office to another.  Screening can be a solution, but the conflict must be quickly recognized in order to implement the necessary firewalls.  Finally, as the icing for this multi-layered cake, there is the sovereignty of the tribe with potential overlapping jurisdictional authorities.
The goal of this session is to have a candid conversation that expands on the base level of the standards from the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct.

Rick Palmatier, Assistant General Counsel, State Bar of Arizona

Register at: https://azbar.inreachce.com/Details/Information/19dc17e8-daff-41f0-8311-fed900f333f6



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